MxMo Followups: Things I’ve learned from M(x...

MxMo Followups: Things I’ve learned from M(xxx)Mo

Well, since the Time Train ran me right over before I had a chance to think of anything worthwhile for Mixology Monday XXX, Local Flavor, I decided to take time after reading through a lot of the posts and highlight what I learned and/or was reminded of this month, and post another in my award winning series of Things I Learned From MxMo.
1} Unlike mine (yet) some kids can invent a good-tasting drink. And sometimes that drink is little more than leaving the booze out of a regular cocktail. And no, I’m not referring to my, um, Virgin Martini on the Rocks.
2} Rumdood reminds me that I still need to blog about drinking at Disneyworld. He comes up with something called the Tragic Kingdom that sounds yummy as all get out. It also looks and sounds just like some Cocktail of a Million Dreams, except this one’s still cool when you actually wake up drink it.
3} Darcy gives a good explanation of what does and doesn’t work about Blueberries in cocktails. I simply can’t get enough of how they look in a cocktail, and Darcy gives me some hints about how to make the sipping as good as the looking. Oh, and he gives me another use for all the Applejack I’ve got.
4} While reading about Paul’s Blackberry Shrub, I discovered that Jamie Boudreau has left Vessel. This reminds me that I need to get back to updating the BlogBarCrawl. Anyone out there know of more blogging bartenders who I’ve missed? It also makes me wish I could come up with a way to combine Jamie’s departure, the name Vessel, and shipwrecks to make a joke that is readable, unlike the fifteen sentences I’ve written and deleted here.
5} Oh, and by the time I got to Paul’s post, I also learned that lots of us are using fresh berries in cocktails lately.
Last} The most important thing I learned through this Mixology Monday is that I need to start working on a 19th Century Cocktail right now.

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