Upcoming—MxMo XXXIII: Made From Scratch — BUMPED a...

Upcoming—MxMo XXXIII: Made From Scratch — BUMPED and REVISED

The Mixology Monday XXXIII roundup has now been posted! You can read all about it here.

Bring forth unto us a beverage! Thy beverage shall depend upon one or more ingredients that thou makest yourself. Beyond that decree, you may voyage to the edge of the Earth or beyond. Perhaps thou couldst product a common, vulgar swill, and bestow nobility upon it with your homemade version of a commercial mixer. Or you may sojourn into the mists of history and make a cocktail with a forgotten or commercially extinct component. Finally, an original quencher that owes its existence to your own personal alchemical ingredient would be most welcome.
Depending on your idea, it might take some time, so get cracking! Bring forth from your laboratory your humble grenadines, your mighty infusions, or your exotic garnishes! Be Bitter, or perhaps you should be Cordial! Just make sure we are pleased by your efforts!

By the way, where’s the Orgy At?

Shut up.

  1. This is entirely in my realm here.

    I’m thinking.. Mango/Lychee Liqueur done up in an Alabama Slammer variant?

    maybe not.

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  2. Doug

    24 September

    I think that I have yet to see a post on the time-honored Bama Slamma. I look forward to your magnificent work.
    Where are you going to get Lychees to make the liqueur at this time of year?

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  3. Reese

    25 September

    I’ve been looking for a reason to whip up some of the homemade bitters I’ve been reading about. Looks like a perfect opportunity to do just that.

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  4. Doug

    25 September

    I anticipate a bunch of bitter recipes. ‘Course, all the big guns have already done bitter on their blogs, so they’ll just have to get creative with something new!

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  5. tiare

    8 October

    Oh this is right up my alley too! i will have a goodie in store for you..

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  6. Dominik MJ

    30 October

    Great topic! After long time, you can sign up the opinionated alchemist, again to MxMo [not that I didn’t wanted to attend the previous onces…]!

    Couple weeks ago, I started to prepare [infuse] my own apricot brandy [using apricot eau de vie] and I think it is the right time, to strain, try and experiment!

    Thanks for the great inspiration!


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