A Quick Pallet Cleanser

I’ll get back to Booze and Basement Bars shortly (MxMo 32 is a comin’ up!), but I just really wanted to put this video up, in case you missed it.
For those of us who are children (to one extent or another) of the ’80s, the music video scene of today is incredibly lame. We remember when videos did fresh and surprising things. They employed a little know concept called Creativity. How cool is that? And they often managed to take a mediocre song and make it really stand out. Do videos do that today? I don’t know, since I can’t stand to look at them, even during the 35 mniutes a day that MTV still plays them.
Anyway, one really cool trick of early 80’s videos was to take a mindlessly incomprehensible song, like Ah-Ha’s Take On Me, and make you at least think you comprehended it.
Well, Dusto McNeato has done that video one better: Rewritten the song to make the video comprehensible! Oh yeah, if you want to have this relate to cocktails, for extra credit please establish your own drinking game rules for watching this. (H/T: Instapundit)

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