Basement Bar Design Factoid #3: Irish Pub in a (re...

Basement Bar Design Factoid #3: Irish Pub in a (really big) Box

Now, this is not an endorsement. I just want to get that out of the way right up front. That said, I’ve found what is a pretty cool Basement Bar product and service. Go this route and you can stop reading my series on building your own.
Behold the Authentic Guinness® Home Pub! (H/T: Uncrate, where I get all my best freaky deaky product ideas)

Just add six friends named Sean and Patrick….

Thay will design and construct a genuine Irish pub in your home, complete with authentic historic Irish crap artifacts crap (Sorry, I stick with my original wording. If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!). And since we all know how much a of a pain in the keister it is having people building stuff in your home, they will fly two of you to Dublin, Ireland (First Class, natch) to tour the Guinness brewery in the interim. As a fact-finding mission, I must say this beats gaining twenty pounds eating fish and chips at every faux-irish pub in town while you try to garner ideas for your do-it-yourself Irish Basement Pub.
The price tag here is $250,000. Neiman Marcus always offers the cutest little trinkets, don’t they?

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