Lessons Learned From Mixology Monday XXXII

Lessons Learned From Mixology Monday XXXII

OK, I my MxMo post stated almost self-evidently that my Guilty Pleasure was made with Vodka. Further, I expected to find a lot of others who would do the same, and comment that part of the guilt was the Vodka itself! Since Stevi has put up the roundup, I have been eagerly perusing everybody’s very fun posts in search of how many joined me in saying we liked this or that Vodka drink, and what are you going to do about it?
Unfortunately, I announced this intention to all and sundry over in the Mixosoleum chatroom, setting the Over/Under betting line at 15 such posts. The CocktailNerd took the under.

How’s that working out for you?

Shut up.
Here’s the scoop:
Out of 40+ posts, there were 20 that mentioned vodka. 3 of them seemed a bit ashamed about it, but not enough for the purposes of this study. The critical number, including two that mentioned Vodka as being shameful, but choosing to go with another brew as their personal Guilty Pleasure, was…


I won! 14 is less than 15! That means it’s under!

Fine. At least you’re are showing more class in victory than I expected….

I still feel that I should be entitled to count Jeffrey Morganthaler’s world-shattering admission of Vodkaphiledom as five posts. I mean come on! It’s Jeffrey-Freakin’-Morganthaler!

Fat chance,

Don’t forget, you are one of the fourteen….

All I have to say to you can be found in the comments of this post on CocktailHacker!

I think I’ll close with some of my favorite lines on the subject from this month’s festivities:

But Dr. B., White Russians are made with vodka, and don’t booze nerds universally loathe vodka??
— a proto-sockpuppet on Dr. Bamboo

This triple threat of suck; vodka, craptastic Creme de-freaking Banana, and a bomb of uber-sweet Cream of Coconut
CocktailNerd, who doesn’t know the difference between a colon and a semi-colon. (can you tell I’m bitter about losing my bet?)

…all the requirements of an embarrassing drink. It’s pink, it contains vodka….
Jay at Oh Gosh!

I badmouth the spirit in private and trash it in public…. For all of the shit I’ve talked over the years, vodka is my number one guilty pleasure drink…. (But) after a long night of making – and tasting – drinks full of ingredients like single-malt Islay scotch, housemade Madeira cask-aged bitters and various bitter Italian liqueurs, I get a little tired of flavor.
Jeffrey Morganthaler, who lies through his teeth with more conviction than Joe Biden in the very first sentence of his MxMo post (Not part of this quotation). Read it. You’ll see.

Oh, and one final, non-vodka-related comment on this MxMo: Read Jacob Grier’s Post on the Irish Car Bomb. Best. Cocktail. Photoblogging. Post. Evar.


  1. Gabriel

    15 October

    You know, I’ve told myself on about four different occasions to edit that to a colon and keep forgetting.

    So, in honor of you, Doug, the semi-colon stays.

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