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Confession time. I love gadgets and toys, especially those that relate to bars and cocktails. What can I say? I am a male, and thus genetically capped at a fourteen year old level of maturity.
Anyway, As I trolled my various gadget blogs this morning, I ran across this little bar set.

The Cocktail Chemistry Kit is just the thing for the college chem geek who aspires to the title of cocktail geek. Look at it. Come on. That’s cool, I don’t care what you say. Sure, at $38.99 it’s a bit pricey since the shaker is plastic, but it is a great idea.
The kit comes from a website I haven’t seen before, and am still exploring, called Perpetual Kid. Most of their stuff is not cocktail related, such as the Bacon Flavored Gumballs (Mmmmm, Bacon!), but there is plenty to get a good laugh out of.
I might have just smiled and moved on, but I saw another cocktail setup that I just had to share. I don’t even drink Gin and Tonics, but I ordered one of these anyway. I may have to take up the habit…
The Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Tray


  1. I bought the chemistry set last year. It’s cute, but really junk-cheap.

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  2. Doug

    9 November

    I suspected as much when I saw that the shaker was plastic.
    Still, an entry drug is an entry drug. Let those chem geeks use this for the three weeks that it’ll last, and then they’ll be hooked and go out and buy a real shaker…

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