MxMm Followups: Small Hand Foods

MxMm Followups: Small Hand Foods

Like all good bloggers, I relentlessly read anyone who links to me. It makes me feel pretty. One of the links to this month’s MxMo was from Serious Eats, and down in the comments on that post was a link to a small San Francisco company called Small Hand Foods.
Small Hand Foods makes a small but important selection of fresh, made from scratch drink ingredients that they mostly sell to high end Bay Area cocktail bars. No mail order, sad to say. I guess if they did do mail order on any scale it’d ruin the caché.
I’d certainly love it if I could buy a selection of Gomme Syrups, Orgeat and the like around here. But since the customers are mostly high-end cocktail bars, SHF would not make it long in Columbus.
All that said, I wonder if there would be sufficient market for a small, mail-order vendor of artisanal syrups and tinctures.


  1. Jennifer’s products are amazing. If you get a chance to try them in or out of cocktails, I highly recommend it.

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  2. Jennifer

    21 November

    Hi Doug,
    I’m working on mail order, as well as distribution in general. I’ll let you know when I start shipping! And thanks Matt, that means a lot. I’m glad you enjoy them.

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