iPhone App From Cocktail Dreams: Cocktails App

iPhone App From Cocktail Dreams: Cocktails App

Cocktails App (as opposed to Cocktails) is an interesting iPhone reference app from the website Cocktail Dreams, a german online cocktail database. Version 2.0 is a recent release that allows anglophones to give it a try.
This app is free, and is actually a local front end to the online database. As such it is a hybrid of the two types of reference apps I’ve played with before, with the strengths and weaknesses of both.
The library is stored remotely and accessed vie the Internet. This means it is updated live, instead of just when the developer chooses to process it through Apple’s App Store. Therefore Cocktails App outstrips the available libraries of both Cocktails and especially pCocktails. It also has a button to show the ten most recently added cocktails in the database.
Since it is a local App, Cocktails App has cool and useful features such as a favorites list that put it ahead of other web app options. Some elements also work faster than a pure web app would.
The search functions are OK, allowing search by ingredient or browse by name, but they are not a live feature, as can be found in pCocktails. In addition to favorites, there is also a link to automatically email a recipe to a friend. There is a place for pictures, though most of the entries do not include one. One cool feature I have not seen before is an ability to browse the database by emotion. You can bring up a list of supposedly appropriate drinks for times such as Anxiety, Lovesickness, Eagerly, and Fired!
This last feature leads to the list of downsides of Cocktails App. First off, it is an originally German app, running a natively German database. The actual entries are apparently translated on the fly, automatically by computer. If you have ever played around with Babelfish or Google Translate, you know what is going to occur from time to time! Second, it is a large, remotely hosted database. All that breadth of resource is balanced by a full dose of all the problems with web app cocktail references. It is slow, and there is a lot of dross. And one of the potentially nice features of this app is that it includes a link to the entry’s webpage (locally displayed, not in Safari proper) and its comments. Unfortunately, most of us don’t speak German, so it more of a tease than a value to have this feature in the US release. And finally, it won’t work (of course) where you don’t have signal.

Over all, it is the best free choice I’ve seen so far. The database is large, and reasonably complete, although it seems tilted a lot to German or European tastes. It does have a Pegu recipe. (not the best one, but it’s there) There are the nice features of a local app as well. It’s worth downloading and checking out, though many people will want something else.

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