Woot! The Pegu Blog Has a New Look!

Hey folks!

After much labor (though less than I expected), I have a new theme for the blog! WordPress really does rock.

Please let me know what you think. I specifically wanted to improve readability, and to make it easier to comment and use social bookmarking.
Is it more readable?
Are there bookmarking sites you use that I don’t have in the liitle doohickey?

Most importantly, if you see something broken or unreadable, please let me know!



  1. Stevi Deter

    13 December

    It’s definitely more readable, although it’ll take me some getting used to see the Killing Time cocktail lady against a white background!

    Only issue I see is that on my 1680 x 1050 Windows XP screen, in both IE7 and Firefox, the year doesn’t quite fit into the date box below the post title and next to your photo. Does look fine in Google Chrome

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  2. Sweet merciful crap, I can read!

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  3. Doug

    13 December

    The year looks odd? I don’t have IE to test with.
    Could you send me a screencap, or describe the problem more in detail?

    Oh, and Blair, That was the idea!

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  4. Reese

    14 December

    Like the new look Doug. I’m not seeing the date problem that Stevi mentioned. [Firefox on Vista at 1440×1050]

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  5. Doug

    15 December

    I think I have it fixed. Glad to see you aren’t seeing it.
    Cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility is such a pain. It’d be nice if we could all just settle on the best operating system and be done with it.

    But then what would all those people in Redmond do for jobs….?

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  6. BRILLIANT! Love the new look, Doug.

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