Basement Bar Design Elsewhere in the Cocktailosphe...

Basement Bar Design Elsewhere in the Cocktailosphere

Blogging has been and will be light until we are back on vacation, but at least I’m getting to catch up on my reading of everyone else’s great stuff.
For followers of my Basement Bar Design series, I’d like to direct you to two recent posts by Libertarian Libation Leader, Jacob Grier.
Jacob takes a good, detailed look at selecting the basic drink mixing equipment for your bar, then he talks about how to select and manage your starting liquid inventory.
I don’t agree with everything Jacob writes here, and where would be the fun in that anyway? He’s totally wrong about shakers for the home bar, for instance. But until I take my own dubious stab at the subject, I’d like to refer you to his examination.

Oh, and Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!


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