Liquor Ads are Fun, and Amazingly Creative

Liquor Ads are Fun, and Amazingly Creative

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I love ads. There, I admitted it. I also hate them, as is required for all of us, but a really good advertisement is in my opinion high art. It is really, really hard to make a truly standout ad. Now, a lot of money is out there chasing liquor sales, so some of the cleverest people in advertising want their piece. I recently ran across some really cool ones that I wanted to share.
Let’s start with this basic gem:

I don’t get it.
What does it mean?

Heh. It’s a guy thing. Trust me, the dudes out there are laughing. The older ones are either laughing nervously, or wistfully, but they are all laughing. I think we could call this the ultimate (as in final resting spot) in Product Placement.
Next, let’s examine the new wrinkle of adding dimensionality to billboards, like this one for Heineken:
Frankly, it’s a bit creepy. but it will get your attention.
The idea with these ads seems to be a variant on the theater and movie concept of breaking the fourth wall. Except that when you do it in a performance, you are usually trying to shock the audience out of their willing suspension of disbelief for a moment. You do this to make them think about some dramatic or humorous element of the performance. Or just to get all Meta and stuff. When ad makers break out of the fourth wall, they seem to be trying to shock you into a momentary suspension of disbelief.
If the beer ads push on the fourth wall, this Maker’s Mark ad rips it completely apart:
The only way this could be cooler is with a giant recirculating pump.
But the current prize in liquor ads that come out and get the consumer goes to Jameson Irish Whiskey. (As a Scot by heritage, I am here obligated to ridicule the way the Irish spell Whisky, and bemoan the sorry state of affairs that let them impose that spelling on America) The company is running a set of ads in New York and other major cities that consist of a giant green square with a picture of a bottle of Jameson’s and a caption, projected at night onto the blank sides of buildings.
What’s so broken fourth wall about that? There is also a camera on that wall that looks back down at the people who see the ad. Said camera narrowcasts back to a control room, where an operator controls the caption, like so:
Still not impressed? Then follow these three shots:
Of course, my evil mind sees some danger in this for the building owner, if the keyboard dude dips into the Jameson’s before getting off work….
On the other hand, think of all the other ways the Jameson’s people could be there for consumers in need:
On the other hand, if Big Brother (or more likely, her big brother) gets ahold of this technology….


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