I can’t get out!

I wander the labyrinth, keeping track only with scrawled marks on the wall. Why did I enter this Gin-soaked Hell?

I thirst. There are only four rums to be found here. Four! And now the Mount Gay Extra Old runs low.
My powers are weakened by the deprivation.

If I don’t get out soon, I’ll die. Or worse, be forced to consume Vodka!

Pray for me. Or better yet, make him let me out!


  1. Jac

    12 January

    Oh, c’mon Doug… Let him out. How am I ever to learn the perfect rum combo for Mai Tais if he’s stuck here, unable to finish his quest?

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  2. *taps out “Please send Demerara rum” in Morse Code*

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  3. Tiare

    12 January

    I`m here Dood..with a bag full of demerara rums..but how do i get in?

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    • Doug

      12 January

      Careful Tiare. Maybe you won’t be able to get out either.

      Give me the Demerara.

      I’ll see that he gets it.

      Really. I promise.

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  4. Tiare

    12 January

    Sorry Dood, but i dont trust this´ll have to do without the dem rums.

    Pegu..please let him out, we need him for the Mai Tai wrap-up!

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