RumDood Held Hostage, Day Five!


{My Hostage Journal, by RumDood}

Day Five. The Mount Gay is gone. All of it! I am left with the dregs of several bottles of the Bat-Beverage. My powers weaken, you can tell from my avatar. I have not looked so ill since my collection reached fifty rums!

I must have Demerara!

He is watching me constantly. I feel his eyes on me now.

When he isn’t looking, I pour Val-U-Rite into his Belvedere bottle.

It is later. I found a bottle of Ultimat Vodka. I filled it too with Val-U-Rite.

He has a lot of Vodka, the fiend!

Why am I here? Why won’t he let me go?

Ah ha! His offspring left their used waffle plates where I can reach them. There is a thick scum of Maple Syrup to use. I’ll use these packs of Splenda I have in my pocket….
The rats ate the old pineapple he left me, but the rind is here!
I fashion a crude still and cook over the bare lightbulb that provides my only illumination!
Voila! Demerara! I can last another day.

I hope.


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