RumDood, Why Are You Still Here?

RumDood, Why Are You Still Here?

Seriously Dood. Why are still hanging around my blog?

What? Why?
You won’t let me go! Just log me out, for the love of both Wray and Nephew!

Oh yeah, that’s right. I am keeping you here.

Sorry about that, but you can’t leave just yet.

It’s been six days!
Why do keep me here?

Because of Mai Tais.

But you love them!
I see you mixing them every other day or so. I sometimes get a peek through the mortar between the stones.

I know. But you speak of ways to make them better. You say I can mix rums and get greater heights of complexity and deliciousness. And you are making me wait. When you and your conspirators release your roundup of Mai Tai rum blends on the 26th, I shall be satisfied. Only then may you go.

How can I do my post if you hold me here?
Here, in this wasteland of liquor?
I search the cabinets and counters, which are scattered with bottles. There is a forest of Gins everywhere. The water fountains run orange-pink with cursed Pegus.
I barely maintain my sanity. You will get nothing from me! I’ll never talk.

Come now. We can make a deal. I appreciate your desire to get back to your own avatar.
You will take the ingredients I have brought you, and you will build me a bottle Orgeat. A great and powerful bottle of Orgeat. Then you may go.

No. I’ll never do it!
Make your own damn Orgeat.

Why do you resist? It should be a matter of no difficulty for such an august Tiki Blogger as yourself.


Suit yourself. Try to stay out of my other posts. Your plaintive cries are disturbing the other readers.


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