Cocktailians Unite! Someone Needs a Whuppin’...

Cocktailians Unite! Someone Needs a Whuppin’!

There is a blogger named Michael Bauer at who put up a post a short while ago expressing irritation at the way some San Francisco restaurants handle their cocktail menus. It’s a short, throwaway post, but it has ignited a very entertaining flamewar in the comments. The best flamewar, in fact, that I’ve seen in a cocktail post, evar. (H/T: OH Group)
There are some wine snob commenters that are epically in need of correction in this post, particularly a twit named crypled2. I call on the assembled hordes of the cocktailosphere to get over there and turn this flameware up to eleven.
I particularly think this up your alley, Nerd.

You want me?

Gabe! Run!
He’ll get you too!

you’re still stuck in here?

Fly you fool!
He comes…

Gabriel, so good to see you.

[cocktailnerd has punked out]

See you later, Gabe! Just make sure you go pound those wine idiots!
And as for you, mister….



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