Rumdood Held Hostage, Day Seventeen

Dude, I mean Dood, you are writing on my wall.

Curse you!
It’s the only way I can record my incarceration.
Let me log out, you vile cur!

Hey, it’s your fault, Mai Tai Boy!
You got me hooked on this drink, and I’m out of the Extra Old.
I need more ways to make great Mai Tais. Work your blendy magic for me, and I’ll release you.

But I have! I have caused the web to be flooded with Mai Tai blends.

Huh? Where?

Don’t you check your own RSS reader?
I snuck out my notes via carrier rat. You can see my post on my blog.
I’ve given you a whole damn Month of Mai Tais! Now let me out!

Huh. I’ll have to look at that….

Look at it?!?
Tiare, who never gave up on me, has posted a Month of Mai Tai’s too!
Let me out!

Kewl. Though I seem to remember that Rick and Blair….

They’re on it! I promise.
Let me log out, and I’ll go pester them. But if you don’t let me out soon, I’ll fade away forever. Just look at me!

You do look crummy.
Tell you what, you’ve done well. Here’s a Mai Tai made with my last reserved XO.

Oh God!
[gulp] [gulp] What am I doing?
[sip] [sip]

Ah! Thank you!
May I log out now?

Yes please. You are cluttering up my blog with irrelevant, silly posts that do nothing for my august reputation as a serious cocktailscienti.


Oh, and Dood, congratulations on the 2008 Food Blog Award!

Hmmm. I really do like the whole Mai Tai experience, top to bottom. Perhaps I should look into the area of cocktails further…..


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