Engrish Wine

OK, I love “alcohol blogging“, but I don’t take it completely seriously.

I never saw that coming!

Case in point, my blog is infested with sarcastic puppets.
The reason is, much as I love all my fellow spiritous writers, we are, as a species, prone to the occasional employment of overblown phrases and more detailed than useful examination of our subject matter. The only people more prone to writing more about intricate elements that probably are not present in the subject matter are literature critics who write about Shakespeare. And yes, I have done more than my share of that too. Shakespeare was not writing about the plight of Asian-Latino womyn who work for sweatshops in Two Gentlemen of Verona, but I guarantee you can find someone with a master’s degree who has written that he was, and done it with a straight face.
But occasionally there comes along a spirit, a wine in this case, where the maker has clearly produced a work of such stunning depth and complexity that they cannot fully or adequately articulate its majesty. But they sure tried.
I urge my most articulate colleagues to try this wine and just go to town. See if you can top the review they did on their own bottle.
Here’s the label:

That was a very, very long way to go
for a joke, you know.


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