The Pegu Blog Goes Tiki for the Month of February

The Pegu Blog Goes Tiki for the Month of February

bambooillo15OK folks, big doings this magical month of February. I have decided to spend these twenty eight frigid days on a grand experiment. As a cocktailian, I consider myself a classicist. Witness my entire blog dedicated to a simple concoction of the Prohibition Era. But the one area of cocktail lore that I keep finding myself fascinated by, that I love reading about, but that I have virtually no knowledge of, is the realm of the Tiki Gods. So this month, I have decided to spend all my efforts learning about Tiki, making the drinks, and talking about decorating in the Tiki style.

Uh huh.
And what, pray tell, qualifies you to write about Tiki, hmmmm?

Oh. Um, well…. I own more than fifteen Hawaiian shirts.
But that’s the point. I don’t really know the first thing about Tiki. Most of the Tiki writers out there on the web treat Tiki as if it just is.
I’m going to explore the phenomenon from the ground up, as a newbie. I’ll ask stupid questions, make unfounded assumptions, and make assertions I have no standing to make.
If you know or live Tiki, and disagree with what I say, then shut up.
No, please tell me where you think I’m wrong. I really would like to encourage some discussion on what Tiki is, and how and why it’s fun.
I’m making this post sticky for the month, so it’ll always be here in explanation.
By the way, the picture is ripped off whole cloth from Dr. Bamboo. I just think it personifies what I’m trying to do this month.


  1. JenTiki

    31 January

    This should be fun! I’ll enjoy watching someone new discover the joys of Tiki.

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  2. GregB

    31 January

    Sounds like fun. I only have one problem … if your drinks are as bad as your shirts nobody’s going to want to taste them.

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  3. Doug

    31 January


    You’ll drink them at least. I know that!

    Is that your plan?

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  4. Tiare

    1 February

    Love the new look of your site! and yes, you are right, tiki just is. Its relaxed, fun and tasty!

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  5. Hannah

    12 February

    Hey Doug – We’ve been getting into tiki lately as well. Been learning a ton from some of Jeff “Beachbum” Berry’s books, like Sippin’ Safari, which tours the evolution of tiki cocktails and the people who have developed them.

    Check it out!

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