Hmmm, The Tiki (and other) Gods are Angry!

Hmmm, The Tiki (and other) Gods are Angry!

Huka Pelé!
Um, I am in part grumpy because my blog has not been afflicted with the problem that has the cocktailosphere buzzing like a hornet’s nest today. But I am more happy that I avoided this plague, and only feel compelled to compile a list of links to the beat-down that has occurred today.
Ummm. The language employed here is in some cases… salty.
Cocktailnerd says, essentially, Say hello to my little friend!
Drink Planner demonstrates his Google-Fu.
Tiki Idol Trader Tiki rumbles like an impending eruption.
Stanley of Rookie Libations dispenses some thoughts on degreed adults writing in Internet Retardonics.
Stevi is almost gentle with these folks. Almost.
Marleigh and Paul trash the poor product (in several meanings of that phrase) which chose to hire the people in question here.
The bad boys who inhabit the Scofflaw’s Den think the product itself is more stalker than liquor.
Darcy and Tiki Idol Tiare take a more measured tone. They give the folks in question that I’m not angry with you, I’m disappointed in you, routine that you really hated when you were a kid.


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