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OK, among the things that I really wanted to get into this month, but couldn’t much for budgetary reasons, was Tiki mugs. If there is one thing that always signified Tiki for me in the past were all the fabulous ceramic vessels that are inspired by or inspired Tiki drinks. They are damn near impossible to find in any quality these days in any but the largest cities, however. And they are not cheap. The web is filled with some great looking finds however, for the avid collector and the casual Tiki-phile both. I managed to order a single totem mug, a fake ceramic coconut, and a nice volcano bowl, but my time and money ran out after that. But I darned sure had fun looking.
Tiki vessels are a significant danger to anyone who is susceptible to the collector’s bug. They’re fun, they’re a little crazy, and they fit easily on narrow display shelves. A site called Tikiroom.net is a repository of images from collectors all over. It has more than just mugs, but home Tiki bars, and Tiki memorabilia as well.
An even more advanced, and seriously fun, site is Ooga-Mooga! This site allows collectors and makers to catalog their collections online for all to enjoy, as well as facilitating a vigorous sales and trade market. I missed Ooga-Mooga! until this week, for which I’m sure my financial advisers are heaving great sighs of relief.
Did I say Tiki vessels were fun? Oh yeah. In the event you have some time to spare (you’ll need it), try out this Photoshop thread on Tiki Central: World Leaders and their Tiki mugs. Here’s a taste.
and here’s one for Gabe.
board-of-tiki-idolsBOTI member, Craig Hermann has a fascinating post (with far too many pictures to steal) on making these things. Go read it here. Go now, or Colonel Tiki will cause the volcano to rumble in anger. I’ll wait.
Cool, huh? I confess I had never grasped how easy these things must be to make, but only if you have the right infrastructure. It’s a good way to understand why these vessels are so expensive.
Let me finish with some pictures of the mugs that most caught my fancy. Click the pictures to go to where they are available for sale.
I love this Zombie mug. It just kind of screams Tiki, Zombies, and general retro fun with a modern sensibility. Plus, I found it originally on a blog entitled, Skulls & Bacon. Some people are such geniuses at scrounging internet traffic….
This mug is just a bit different from most tall totem-style Tiki mugs. I like it because you can instantly tell it’s different, even from a distance or with Scorpion Bowl-blurred vision.
I’m going to get one of these when I get the chance. I love the sleek, black look. It’s a Tiki vessel that will go with the modern, black and silver look of my own Basement Bar.
If you are going to make Tiki drinks, and want a truly over the top Tiki vessel to occasionally serve them in (and let’s face it, when it comes to Tiki, you should start with over the top!), you need a volcano bowl. As I said, I have already bought one, but I wish I’d gotten this one. The bowls let you put several straws in at once for communal sipping, and the little volcano in the center is a great place to light a fire. Huka Pele!


  1. Reese

    1 March

    On my Tiki wishlist is a mug from VanTiki. If you haven’t checked out his work you certainly need to.


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  2. Doug

    1 March


    Thanks for that link. I had found his website earlier, but lost it. I’ve got it bookmarked now. This are some extraordinarily crazy mugs!

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