Basement Bar Design Accessories #4: Branded Beer T...

Basement Bar Design Accessories #4: Branded Beer Taps

Via Uncrate: For those who want/need/lust after a beer tap as part of their Basement Bar rig-out, one item I always think is lacking from virtually all available tap systems is a decent, cool pull handle.
Well, Kegworks has the answer for you. They have an extensive collection of mostly used, genuine commercial bar tap handles. Many are quite cool. A number are special interest pulls, like this one celebrating both the Air Force and their cool jets at the same time:
Of course, since they are used, they are mostly out of date. If you don’t find one for the brand you will usually have hooked up, perhaps you’d enjoy a pull in tribute to a forgotten premium(?) brand of your misspent youth?
Regardless, even if one of these don’t float your boat, don’t just leave that little stubby black knob as your only tap pull. Get creative!

And appropriately phallic!
Don’t think we don’t notice that.

You hadda go there, didn’t you?

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