Basement Bar Design Factoid #4: Mr. Blendtec, acti...

Basement Bar Design Factoid #4: Mr. Blendtec, activate the defenses!

OK, I’m having a lot of fun with the new Blendtec blender Maggi got me for my birthday. But now I find that it is useful for more than just making great drinks.
As the Cocktailosphere’s chief pundit on Basement Bar Design, I have opined before on the importance of maintaining the sanctity of your bar if it is also your Man Cave.
Well, Tom Dickson, the viral marketing and engineering genius behind the Blendtec, apparently shares the philosophy that a man’s cave is his castle. Even if your Mantuary isn’t also your bar (though I challenge your manliness if it isn’t), you should equip it with a Blendtec.
I’ll let Tom explain why….


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