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spade-and-skullI seem to be getting a pretty good stream of first time morons visitors here right now, so I thought I’d put up a welcome post for those of you from Ace of Spades HQ. Thanks for visiting!
Over here in the Cocktailosphere, we are little more sophisticated. Most of us, for instance, pick up our hobo at the supermarket, rather than getting it ourselves. And we don’t drink Val-U-Rite vodka… well, most of the other cocktail bloggers don’t.
As for what might be of interest to you guys, how about my extensive series on how to dress up your (mom’s) basement as a bar so nice it’ll make even you look cool?
I indulge myself in more ha ha than most of us drink bloggers do. Here’s a post on something most of you would happily drink, if you could only read the label where it says it makes you manhood grow. Beyond that, there’s plenty more at which to chuckle.

Hey there! Most of Doug’s readers have no idea where I came from, but many of you do.
I hang out here these days and berate him when he gets out of line, or says something that sounds stupid.
My lady and I usually just interrupt his posts, but sometimes I write my own. That really pisses him off.

Guy, shut the hell up, will you? I only have a brief time to catch these morons’ attention.
Anyway, I do write more serious, scholarly….

Oh really?
Serious, and scholarly? You?

You can always be put back in the drawer….
Anyway, I’ve just finished of a series of posts on the Four Gospels of the Cocktail, which profiles the four most iconic drinks in the world. Read it and impress your friends.
Or you can go read about the Black Flag, a cocktail I came up with in honor of Ace, in a futile attempt to give you morons some class.
I also do booze reviews and plenty of cocktail recipes. For those of you actually go out and let the general public see your ugly mug, check out the BlogBarCrawl in the upper left, where you can see if one of the more skilled mixologists on the web is near enough for you to go and buy a drink from them!
Finally, the main mission of this blog is to promote the increase in consumption of the Pegu Cocktail. Read the recipe. Write it down. Order it if you ever have the cash to eat in a restaurant where the drinks aren’t self-serve from the soda machine.
Oh, and try not to talk about Laura W’s hump round here. It’d scare the regulars. And those of you who know that drinking takes more than just unscrewing the bottle might want to take a look over at the RECENT DISCUSSION DOWN ALONG THE BAR, where you’ll see a selection of what else is going on with cocktails in the blogosphere.


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