New Pegu Blog Award

One of the joys of the Internet is the fact that ’round here, no one knows if you’re a dog.
With that in mind, I’d like to reveal that I am a retired board member of several celebrity award shows. And I’m bored in retirement, so I’m going to henceforth begin bestowing a new award, The Pegu Blog Best Read When Drinking Blog Award! Ta Da!

You are not some retired award guy.

I am too. And by the way, woof.
Anyway, I’m doing this for several reasons:

  • I like lots of blogs, and in the spirit of Rule Two, I should find ways to write about them.
  • It will be fun.
  • It will be a useful, ongoing way to produce cheap, easy, but readable content while I’m working up a bunch of new stuff you’d actually like to read.

The Pegu Blog Best Read While Drinking Blog Award will be given to any blog I read regularly, most often once the evening’s mixing has begun. All recipients will be from areas of the blogosphere beyond the cocktail arena (unless I change my mind). If they want, they can proudly display the above award on their mantle in their sidebar so that other tipsy internet readers will know that this is content to which they should gravitate!
The inaugural recipient on The Pegu Blog Best Read While Drinking Blog Award is the incomprehensibly named,!
IMAO is a multi-author humor blog, with mostly political humor of a bent conservative bent, but also advocating for such important aims of humanity as nuking the moon and combating evil monkeys. While silly does not begin to describe IMAO, funny does. But you should read it with a cocktail in hand, or it simply will not make sense at all.
UPDATE: Greetings, IMAO folks! Thanks, Harvey! While you guys are here, please look around for all your IMAO (drunk) reading needs. For instance, check out my latest post on Three Olives’ call for pictures of your O-Face, or how about some thoughts on Cocktails in Space? There’s plenty of serious cocktail and related stuff here too, just look around!


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