Thursday Drink Night Features Beefeater 24

Thursday Drink Night Features Beefeater 24

beefeater_24_bottle-shotI just wanted to mention that Beefeater 24 (reviewed here) is sponsoring this week’s Thursday Drink Night. I don’t usually do a post on TDN, leaving that to others….

You don’t write up TDN because you aren’t there half the time!

I try to at least stop in each week. I’m sorry, but life’s responsibilities sometimes override liquor blogging.

Life’s responsibilities?
You go play Poker instead.

Well, Poker is more profitable.

How about last week?

Here’s the part of these conversations where I tell you to shut up.
At any rate, I haven’t done a real run down in this space on what TDN is, and why I like it. Also, I’d like to talk a bit more about Beefeater 24. I’m developing a bit of an agenda regarding this liquor, and if I can get you to attend TDN, that will further said agenda.

(Picture is the creation of the incomparable Dr. Bamboo.)

Thursday Drink Night is a weekly gathering of intelligent drunks cocktail enthusiasts in the chat room of the Mixosoleum. You are invited to attend. Further, you are invited to drop in to the bar any time. There is usually someone there looking to talk booze.
But on Thursdays, starting at 7PM US Eastern Time and going until the wee hours, you will find a serious crowd of people in there. Recently, the event has added a wrinkle in that a group of chatters will gather at some fabulous bar, in a city where I am not, and participate in front of a web cam. Regardless of where you are or how you participate, the point of the exercise is the same: One by one, participants will proffer up an original cocktail recipe for the rest to mix and try. A few insane souls will try as many as they can. Most of us mix the ones that look good to us, or at least the ones that we have the ingredients for. Certain participants whom I will not name are notorious for proffering cocktails that require things like Rosemary Thyme Syrup, or some damn liqueur from Mongolia made from clover and yak sweat. If you think that you have a well-stocked bar, come to a TDN. You’ll head out that weekend to Home Depot for more cabinetry, and the liquor store for more inventory.
Each TDN has a theme on which we concentrate. Last week, the revelers mixed up nothing but swizzles. I missed that one.

Your banker called.
He says you shouldn’t have.

Other weeks, like this one, we feature a particular brand of liquor or liqueur, and try to make all our drinks using at least some of that.
This week, we will be mixing with Beefeater 24, the new premium offering from London’s only remaining big time distiller of london dry gin. I just this week reviewed 24, but I mostly just wrote about the product, and how much I like it. Here I’d like to write about the roll out of 24, and how puzzled I am by how the owners of Beefeater, Pernod-Ricard, are going about introducing this gin to America.
24 will not be commercially available here until May 1, and then will only be found in New York and San Francisco! I assume that if it is as successful as it should be, we’ll see it spreading out across the country later in the year. I am not enthused about this, since I don’t get to New York or the Bay very often and I will eventually run out of the supply Beefeater sent me for review!

Attention people who entertain in New York or San Francisco!
Hire Doug for one on your parties so he can buy esoteric booze while he is in town.

Thanks. Awfully.
However, 24 should not be an esoteric booze. They have a winner product, backed by a giant multinational industry leader. I think that they are making a mistake by rolling this out as a boutique brand. They would get more commercial press notice with a national campaign, than they will with this restricted distribution that looks more like what you’d see from a new small-batch rum or something. In fact, were I a national editor, I’d actually give less coverage to 24 than to that small-batch rum, knowing which company produces it. Why would I do stories on a brand still essentially in a pre-release phase, when half my readers can’t get the product? I might do one about the rum, if it has a cool enough story. But I’d wait until the inevitable national roll-out to make a mention of a Pernod-Ricard product from one of their most recognizable brands.
Which means it is going to be hard for 24 to get easy traction. And in these hard times, if it doesn’t sell well out of the gate, some bean counter might delay its national distribution for quite a long while. New Yorkers and San Franciscans (both of whom like to say that they live in the City) annoy the rest of us enough already by getting to make our choices for us. Attention City dwellers, it is up to you guys to make this product become successful swiftly, so I can replenish my supply.
In the meantime, whether or not you have access to some 24 yourself, drop by TDN tonight. Try out the various gin drinks that will be offered. Enjoy the laser-like focus of the conversation. Watch as said focus rapidly devolves from laser to flickering oil lamp held by geriatric baboon. It’s fun.


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