The Greatest Cocktail Blog Post Ever

The Greatest Cocktail Blog Post Ever

Many of you may be unaware of the post that I consider to be the greatest blog post in the history of the Cocktailosphere. Or perhaps, most of you are, all things considered.

Why is it the greatest blog post in our little corner of the web? It has everything any cocktail blogger wants when he or she writes a post:

  • It’s obviously gotten a lot of hits, and is the number one web page returned by Google when you make the obvious searches for it’s subject.
    I think all bloggers want first and foremost to be read. Otherwise, why do we write? I don’t know the hit stats on this post, but I suspect (to my personal agony) that this single post outstrips my total traffic since it’s posting.
  • It has induced a veritable horde of cocktailians out there to try what it talks about. We cocktail bloggers are like do-it-yourself writers, the point of writing what we do is to share an activity with others. If you spend days experimenting with something, photographing it, then writing about it, you darn sure want folks to give it a whirl.
    You can follow in the comments on this post the myriad readers who have tried to duplicate its process in slavish detail, while others describe their riffs on the theme. This brings us to the next thing this post has…
  • 110 friggin’ comments, as of this writing. 110! Let’s face it, you cocktail blog readers out there are a taciturn bunch. Most of us are thrilled with a comment or two on a good post. The best of us get a few on a regular basis. And none of those 110(!) comments discuss Viagra, are in russian, provide brilliant commentary such as, “Fabulous post, but I disagree,” while helpfully linking poker sites, or discuss Viagra in russian while linking to poker sites….
  • It has amazing longevity. Those 110 comments have come in, at regular intervals, since it was posted on April 24th, 2008, over a year ago. That’s a comment every eighty eight hours for over a year. That’s a traffic bonanza, and an incredible ego boost. We all should have so much fun.

Oh for cryin’ out loud!
When are you planning on telling us what is this blog equivalent of The Great Gatsby?

Oh all right, but I’m not done with my list.

I’m talking about Jeffrey Morganthaler’s immortal classic, How to Make Your Own Ginger Beer.

  • The comments reveal an interesting and informative discussion that expands on and supplements the post. That’s right, I said there are valuable contributions in the comments, both from Jeffery and his readers!
  • There is also a ton of funny stuff in there too, such as comment number 109….

I made an early comment in this thread (#6), and through the magic of email subscription have followed the progression of Jeffrey’s post for over a year with ill-disguised envy.

After this post, I don’t think you can claim that it’s “ill-disguised” anymore!

I’m not being envious!

I’m being congratulatory.

And maybe a little envious.


  1. Its funny how certain things seem to take hold and people go wild. Just look at Susan Boyle!

    I don’t want to write a great post comment but thank you for making me laugh, pointing me to comment 109 has so far made my day. I obviously have a boring life.

    114 comments now. I hate ginger beer but may just go and leave one there as well.

    I wonder who holds the record for most blog comments…….


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