Old Fashioned Videos

Since I’m on the subject of Old Fashioneds, I went looking for videos to help with my learning experience.
Of course, cocktail bloggers and blog readers will have a good idea of one of the first sages to which I turned.
Behold his wisdom:

With a nod to the genius of Jeffrey Morganthaler, let me take a crack at what there is to be learned from this opus.

  • The Old Fashioned is kind of an old drink. He is a subtle master of the art of understatement.
  • He let’s the moment flow. For instance, when starting to make a video for the internet, he doesn’t even need to know whether the tools he’ll be using (i.e. a bar spoon) are available. He’s a zen master, I tell you.
  • Bitters is an alcoholic, uh, substance. No actual bitters need exit the bottle and enter the glass.
  • If you use plain granulated sugar, instead of one of those sugar cube thingies, it will easily dissolve. So just pile on the ice and proceed.
  • One ounce of liquor makes a sufficient drink.
  • Add carbonated water to fill the glass.
  • Aw, what the heck give it a stir. Two or three swirls should do it. Ignore the white sludge you have left in the bottom of the glass.
  • Make sure to handle the cherry you garnish the drink with. Your guests and patrons will appreciate the personal touch.

Really, he is a genius.
That said, if you are looking for a more, um, nuanced presentation, you might prefer the following video, from Robert Hess. He’s also done a bunch of web videos, but he bogs them down with interesting stories, elegant preparation, and recipes that are laden with quality.
I mean, if you are into that sort of thing.
Whatever floats your boat.


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