Basement Bar Design Factoid #5: 1800 Tequila’...

Basement Bar Design Factoid #5: 1800 Tequila’s Mancave Contest

First off, I recently learned that 1800 Tequila is running a contest entitled Win the Ultimate Mancave. You may enter once per 24 hour period, between now and the closure date of August 15th, 2009. I advise you to not enter, as each entry of yours will reduce my chances of winning. The grand prize is $10,000 which you can use to help you follow this humble blog’s advice on constructing the ultimate Basement Bar.
Since I already possess the Ultimate Basement Bar, I’d probably spend the cash on expensive booze, and video games. The rest of it, I’d just waste.
But I’d like to talk a bit about mancave design as exemplified in the photo atop this post. If you visit the 1800 Mancave contest website, you’ll see an expanded view, with more stuff to the right.
First off, while I’m sure 1800 would disagree, I advise against putting 600 bucks worth of their product out on display in your basement bar. 600 dollars worth of liquor is OK, but not all the same two bottles! Especially not all tequila! In my personal, limited experience, one good party that started in the mancave pictured above would end up with grass stains on everyone’s clothing, a couple of divorces, five jail terms, two of your guests waking up naked in Bozeman, Montana, and most tragically, only 35 dollars worth of 1800 on display. With that caveat, it’s a beautiful, and instructive, layout.
The liquor display shelf is beautifully backlit. There is a large refrigerator (almost an embarrassment of riches), though I quibble with the in-door ice maker, rather than a separate device. There is cool decor in the form of the memorabilia case. The sports stuff shown in the picture is actually a bit sterile (it is a promotional photo), but I like it because it is baseball heavy. If you actually has such a collection of sports stuff, and want to feature it in your Basement Bar, you might want to spread it around to permeate the whole space.
This Basement Bar also has two things I haven’t written about in detail yet, but are both in my draft que: A kicking entertainment center, and very cool lighting. Expect more from me soon on these subjects.
The place where this design falls down is the bar itself! Do not build a bar that is thigh-high, with barstools scaled for my eight-year old daughter. She’s not allowed in your bar.
So, have a good day, and remember not to enter the contest!
1800 Black 750ml bottle shot - clear


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