Basement Bar Design Accessories #7: The Man Wall

Basement Bar Design Accessories #7: The Man Wall

My last post was about DIY Basement Bar Kegerators, allow me to shift gears violently enough to strip the transmission, folks.
Do It Yourself can be fun, but creating the Ultimate Basement Bar to your high standards may be beyond your skills or available time. If you have the available funds (or win them), the folks at Hybrid Space Furniture have the core of your Basement Bar ready and set to go (as of July 1, 2009). Behold, ye constructors of masculine retreats, the Man Wall! (H/T: Uncrate)

Honey, call the mortgage broker! Time to refinance.

I don’t get it.
It’s a bookcase.

Sorry Guy, women don’t understand.
Sure, it’s a bookcase. And this is a scooter:
Let’s go over what is included with your bookcase. We start off with a 52″ flatscreen, and two smaller tvs (included), with room for one more (shown). With DirecTV, you could watch four courts of Wimbledon or the US Open at one time! Some of you could find supplemental uses during football season…. Next we have a complete surround sound system with DVD and CD changer and iPod dock. In the lower left side we have… a kegerator! No DIY needed, though it doesn’t have a lot of room for a big, ornamental pull.
There is a microwave. If you don’t get a Man Wall, do keep in mind that a microwave is a hugely useful item to have in a Basement Bar.
We round things out with two cigar humidors and some decent wine storage. Really, the only thing these guys don’t have in this system (version 2.0, please?) is a bar front (leaving the Man Wall as a back bar) for cocktail mixing.
I gave these guys a call, and spoke to Vince Caruso about the Man Wall. Look up at the top. You absolutely know you need a 24-hour, live updated sports ticker in your basement. The marquee is self-contained and comes with a year’s data subscription. You can customize it with desired sports, teams, etc. Or you can have it display stock information, in case that’s how you afford the Man Wall. It connects via your home’s wireless internet system and you are golden.
No one you know has this.
The Man Wall comes in four standard finishes: Cherry, rose, black, and steel. Those should cover most design needs, but as they are custom products to begin with, you can get another finish if you need it. Ditto for door styles (and trim, I suppose).
Partner Shawn Matthews has been making these systems for a while now on a custom, one-off basis in Bradenton, FL. He and Caruso formed Hybrid Space Furniture recently to get some economies of scale and market these systems everywhere. They have two other units available as well. There is the Octodesk, which would go great on the back wall of an office or den, and the Multimedia Fireplace, which combines a big screen TV with a no-venting-required electric fireplace. The fireplace, shown below, would be really nice in a condominium.
These last two products are nice, but the Man Wall is the real winner.

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