NOT Blogging Tales: The Cocktail Chronic(les)

NOT Blogging Tales: The Cocktail Chronic(les)

LogoIf you read any number of cocktail blogs regularly, you will note that I am one of the few such bloggers who is not currently pickling him or herself in New Orleans right now. Fear not, intrepid reader, I’ll just have to put up enough content to take up the slack until they sober up (Check back in October). I’ve been in a new drink funk for a while, so I’m touring Talesbloggers’ houses while they are out, and stealing their drinks. In the interests of sending you to their blogs, I’ll leave out one critical item from recipes I repost here….

SeanMike, of Scofflaw’s Den, has been doing an interesting series of posts in advance of Tales. He created over twenty original cocktails named and modeled after various blogger and bartender types who are attending the debauchery serious work in Nawlins. Needless to say, he left his house with a target rich environment for me to break in and add to this series of posts. The one I’m posting here is his tribute(?) to Paul Clarke, and his Cocktail Chronicles.
Now, SeanMike has been irritating Paul lately, so he is on his best behavior in this post. His best behavior isn’t very good, as his post is liberally sprinkled with flaming absinthe, BLINK tag accusations, and dancing babies, but bless him, he tries. His main effort is in using a rather serious main ingredient, Rittenhouse 100. The resulting cocktail is a pretty darned nice Manhattan variant, even if I had to use my standby rye, Old Overholt.


  • 2 parts straight rye whiskey
  • 1/2 part dry vermouth
  • 1/2 part secret ingredient
  • 1 dash Fee’s Orange Bitters

Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a sarcastic comment and insightful commentary.

The thing I like about this cocktail is how many layers it has. Each sip gives three or more distinct taste impressions. It’s well worth the occasional mixing, and some future experimentation.
And a final reminder, if you want the secret ingredient, as well as a demonstration that SeanMike can’t see what is in his own pictures, read his post.


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