I Saved at Least $10,000 Because of Cocktail Blogg...

I Saved at Least $10,000 Because of Cocktail Blogging…

And you can too!

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yesterday, I was out with my monstrous regiment of women, and we went for ice cream. Now, I was working on a drink for my next post that needed that extra touch, so I thought, Ice Cream Shop—Dry Ice—Extra Touch!

So home we went with a brick of frozen carbon dioxide and I headed down to the basement to stash it in the freezer until mixing time. When I got downstairs, I heard the sound you least want to hear in your basement, a drip. I examined the water heaters, and sure enough one was leaking from a pipe atop it. I reached out to turn off the valve just above, and the merest touch sheared off the pipe! Hot water showered everything, including me. Working furiously, I got it shut down after what seemed like an eternity.
There was an incredible mess, but no actual damage, beyond the pipe.

A simple flux in water pressure would have been enough for this to happen. Imagine we were out? This water heater is less than six feet from my Basement Bar, folks…
Thoroughly Modern Mantuary
If I hadn’t been thinking of cocktail blogging, I’d have never gone downstairs yesterday. Maybe not for several days.

$10,000 is a conservative estimate of what it would have cost had this happened while we were out or not paying attention.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Build a Basement Bar, and blog about cocktails so you use it daily, and you too could save ten grand!


  1. Luc

    18 July

    congratulations on your quick-thinking! I would hate to think of the negative impact this could have had on our perusal of your fine blog…

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  2. Dr. Bamboo

    20 July

    Yet more incentive for me to build a bar!

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