Just For Rick

OK, this one’s just a little Inside CSOWG, so take it or leave it.

Those of us who pay any attention to what’s up in our little corner of the blogosphere knows that the Kaiser Penguin, Rick Stutz, has an unhealthy affinity for Fernet Branca, of storied fame.
In a recent Amazon search, I came across a Bill Cosby routine entitled Fernet Branca. I can’t embed it because A) it would be illegal, and B) It’s too damn long. So I’ll just leave that link to the Amazon file, and if you’d like, you can listen to the bit, in all it’s glory, for 99 cents.
Why am I doing this? Because it is a way to make fun of Rick in an affectionate manner. And because it is a good way to increase my blog karma by linking others. And because it really is a funny bit, and a Cosby bit I had never heard to boot. And because I get about two cents from Amazon if you buy it!

Cheers, Rick!

  1. Rick

    7 August

    Cheers Doug! I think. 🙂

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