Mad Men Cocktails

I just finished reading an interesting article on Debonair, entitled Mad Cocktails—The Drinks of Mad Men. (H/T Liqurious) The article is an interesting examination of what cocktails of choice says about a character, and by extension, what they would say about real people who drink them. It is an entertaining article that is well worth the read, even if, like me, you don’t watch Mad Men yet. I think Jacobs give the show a bit more credit than it is due for influencing the resurgence of cocktail culture, but it does seem to be a huge favorite with the cocktailian set….


  1. goodgoy

    5 August

    Mad Men brings back the cocktail ? duh! hope this was said in jest.. howabout the cocktail brings back a series like mad men

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  2. Doug

    5 August

    I don’t know if he meant it in jest, *I* clearly dismissed it.

    But. It has clearly pushed the cocktail resurgence into a whole new set of minds, and that’s a good thing.

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  3. goodgoy

    5 August

    Doug. your right.
    Love your blog.. It’s fantastic.
    and right again, good for the cocktail resurgence.
    all best , goodgoy

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