More On Building Traffic

A while back, I wrote an Inside Blogball post about building traffic entitled Boozeblogging Thoughts, which ripped off a classic political blogospherian post by Stacy McCain on building traffic for yourself and those in your corner of the blogosphere.
Item four on Stacy’s list is, make some enemies. I basically played down this item for those of us in the Cocktailosphere, on the supposition that few people really enjoy a bar fight.

Sometimes rules were made to be broken.

Witness please, the result of this comment thread on Darcy’s blog. A commenter asked him about the value of bartending school. Darcy’s estimation of said value was essentially that you should properly spend about half your current inventory of pocket lint, and no more, on traditional bartending school. A couple of representatives of a New York school took issue (civil, and not) with his reply. Then it get fun….
Put on your flame-retardant web surfing gear, and have fun!


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