The Best Liquor Video… Ever

Striding-ManI’m not a huge scotch guy. I like scotch, but I’m not a huge scotch guy. I’m a Scot, but I’m not a huge…. You get the picture.

Further, when I do drink scotch, I’m usually a single malt kind of drinker. But I do always keep on hand a couple of bottles of stuff from the blender to end all blender’s—Johnny Walker. I have a bottle of Black Label, and Green Label in my Basement Bar right now. I think Johnny Walker does one of the most effective jobs of marrying high-end liquor connoisseurship with mass-market appeal of any manufacturer on Earth.

That said, they have outdone themselves with this video. Watch, and enjoy the pinnacle of liquor marketing to date.


Click here for full size version.

One, single, six minute, dolly shot. Over rough terrain. With props placed at exact points in the narrative. Humor. History. Gravitas. Capitalism. Bagpipes. Bagpipe insults. And of course, Robert Carlyle.
Regardless of your views on scotch, Johnny Walker’s ownership, The Full Monty, or anything else involved here, if you don’t appreciate this video, you are a communist, or worse, a beer drinker.

So, you are drunk-blogging tonight?

Yes I am. What tipped you off?

[Sober morning UPDATE: I forgot to hat tip Mætenloch over at Ace’s place for this. I really hate finding liquor-related things there before I have them!]


  1. Chip and Andy

    13 September




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  2. Doug

    13 September

    Of course, you could try the Styring Vineyards ad I posted this AM….

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