Basement Bar Design Accessories #9: Global Dominat...

Basement Bar Design Accessories #9: Global Domination

Here’s an idea that isn’t new. I’ve heard of these things in movies for a long time, but I had not seen them in the real world until now. I am referring to small liquor cabinets that are shaped like free standing antique globes.

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To be honest, these accessories are not so much for your Basement Bar as they are a way to extend your cocktail domain out of your bar, or simply have a small such domain if your house (or spouse) won’t allow for a full bar. There is room inside most of these globes for a number of glasses in a ring around the outside ring, and a small selection of bottles in a center compartment. If I had one of these, I’d prep it for company with cut crystal tumblers, a bottle of Dalwhinnie, an appropriate humidor, and a small vase to hold ice.
Put one of these globes in your living room or den, or near the back door, wander by it after dinner, tilt open the top and you’ll be quite the lord of the manor, Hugh Laurie as Bertram Wooster impression, optional.
I found a source for these globes that carries a large variety of models, 1-World Globes. They have them in a variety of sizes and styles, at prices between $300 and $1500. The one pictured above is about $500. I contacted these guys and asked a few questions to clarify how the globes work. There are definite pluses and minuses to these little barlets.
First off, they do not spin or rotate. You probably would not want them to anyway, but FYI…. Second, they are only available in antique cartography (17th Century). 1-World still shows a modern cartography globe on their site, but the manufacturer says, there ain’t no more, ain’t gonna be no more. Third, the styling is very classic as well on all models. For my house, I’d need a modern-looking steel or black enamel look in one of these.
On the plus side, however, they seem quite well constructed. I love globes in general, as they convey a sense of worldliness and education through your home’s decor. (Readers of this blog of course need no reinforcement of their obviously vast cosmopolitan intelligence, but what the hey.) Finally, they are just practical enough to make you feel justified in a little extravagance like this.
While I stated earlier that this is not primarily an item for a Basement Bar, there are some applications there as well, especially in facilities with specific themes. A British Isles themed pub might find a design like this to be right at home. I might also find it cool if you have a poker table, especially since you could put it at hand by your favorite chair, and you wouldn’t have to leave your chips at the mercy of your thieving friends while you refill your scotch or theirs. If you still want to keep all your booze in your central bar, this could still be a good storage place for such exotica as a larger humidor, or such mundanity as your twenty remotes.

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  1. Dorothy

    12 November

    Just wanted to let you know. that i’ve got a very rare and unique floorstanding olde world globe bar and it is surround by zodiac features.and it is in great shape. i’m only the second owner. it was made in italy between the 1920and1950.not real sure but the man i got it from got it while he was in the service in the 1930 if you would like to see it i can send you a picture

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