Styring Vineyards Knows How to Make a Splash…...

Styring Vineyards Knows How to Make a Splash….

Via WyBlog and Rule 5 Sunday, comes the following web advertisement. At least I assume it is web only, due to it’s length and, well, the whole naked woman rolling around while pouring wine on herself thing. (I’m experimenting with the art of the Googlebomb).

Now, I post this video because, um, I can.
But I also do so because I wish the distillers would learn just a little bit from the folks at Styring Vineyards, whose ad this is, about how to use sex to sell. Sex is a natural for selling alcohol, of course. But too much of the liquor industry’s effort in this vein is crude, and the less said about most beer ads the better.
Don’t get me wrong, this Styring Pinot Noir ad is over the top. It is just tasteful enough, however, to elicit a smile, rather than a snigger. (For examples of snigger-inducing ads, check out this blog I recently found. Possibly NSFW.) And the excellent production values of this video do not hurt it, either. But witness an earlier post I wrote about Cabana Cachaça’s infamous opening ad campaign. Cabana’s production values are every bit as high, or even higher. But the message there is crude innuendo, and unrelated to the product.
The Styring video gives one ideas about how to enjoy the product….
And this isn’t the only fun marketing idea Styring has on the web. Their Chief Odor Detection Officer (CODO?), Molly, has her own blog as well.
I haven’t tried Styring’s Pinot Noir (here’s a hint winemakers, the Liquor Fairy delivers wine, too!), but if I find it available at any of my wine haunts, I’m picking up a bottle.
And maybe a drop cloth….

[UPDATE: Ace of Spades Sidebarolanche! Welcome once again, Morons!]


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