International Talk Like A Pirate Day Drinks: Capta...

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Drinks: Captain and Coke


Ahoy, mateys! This is bein’ the first o’ me International Talk Like a Pirate Day drinks, and the one most o’ ye scurvy dogs will want to be orderin’ should ye shove off to sail the bars o’ Spanish Main this festive holiday evenin’.

But beware, laddies!
If’n ye be drinkin’ too much rumbullion while ye be out wenchin’, yer cutlass’ll be too weak fer the boardin’ party!

Harrrr! That be why I be keepin’ ye around, ye mangy boot-filler puppet. So I can be disavowin’ comments like that last me ownself, arrrr!
This simplest o’ pirate potables is Cap’n and Coke, me hearties. Sure, there be other spiced rums out there, with better, ‘n worse, pedigrees than Captain Morgan, patron saint of ITLaPD that he be. But most dockside taverns ye scurvy lot will stumble into will be barren o’ all but the bonny Cap’n. And that be fine, arrrr!
Regardless, just be takin’ a good measure o’ the Cap’n’s original, put it in a flagon, add ice and Coca-Cola. Squeeze in a wedge o’ lime, if’n ye be a fancy dan. Raise it up to yer crew and bellow out the pirate toast: ARRRRR!




Just drink up, me bucko!
For a sea o’ other Drink Like a Pirate Day cocktails, set sail for me main ITLaPD post fer a treasure map! Arrrr!


  1. Jon

    18 September

    That be a fine post thar. If ye’ll indulge an ol’ lag, I think ye’ll find the following pertinent to a parley on Cap’n Henry Morgan.

    ‘Course, it be a matter o’ record that Cap’n Morgan turned his hand to governin’ Jamaica after his piratin’ days were done and it so happened that bein’ a landlubber was no obstacle to seeking a fight. He sued a pair o’ bookish types who’d published a particularly lurid account o’ his younger days, winning a retraction to the effect that “Morgan did not torture a fool on the rack, did not torture a rich Portuguese citizen, did not force a Negro to kill several prisoners and did not engage in “the hanging up of any person by the testicles.””

    Thanks be, o’ course, to me hearty Wayne Curtis and a fine, fine record of drinking, “And A Bottle Of Rum”.

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  2. Doug

    19 September

    That be soundin’ like a newspaper correction page in these times, me hearty!

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