Happy Birthday to the Gospel of Rum

Happy Birthday to the Gospel of Rum

daiquiriThanks Matt!
From over at a Jigger of Blog, I see that there is a really cool event coming up in Washington, DC entitled, Happy Birthday, Mr. Daiquiri. The seminar is a production of the Museum of the American Cocktail, and features such mixological luminaries as Jeff Beachbum Berry, and Jon Arroyo (about whom I wrote recently). The event marks the 100th anniversary of the Gospel of Rum’s arrival on American shores, and details its origins, rise, and effects on cocktailia in general.
I imagine strawberry goo and blenders need not apply.
Of course, I only get to visit DC occasionally, so I won’t be able to attend this cool event, and now I’m sad.
So thanks, Matt….

(Image stolen from The Commercial Appeal, where dining reviewer Jennifer Biggs writes about more than just local interest.)


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