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I stumbled across a blog post recently that made me go back and look at my own draft folder. E.E. Southerby of Points in Case is a wrong-headed individual who reminds me of my own younger self, only with a better writing ethic. He has a regular feature he calls “Rejected Column Ideas“, in which he does a collection of short blurbs about posts he never finished. Gizmodo does something similar. I took a look at the 34 posts in varying degrees of decomposition in my draft folder, and decided I ought to give the idea a shot.
You are welcome.

First up, I have two booze stories from far-off, fading Avalon.
Number one is about beer. I don’t blog about beer, so I set this one aside. But I just gotta say that if you are going to brew 64 proof beer, “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” is a pretty good name. (H/T: Ace)
Number two is about Scotch. The English have introduced a whisky of their own. Apparently the only reason Scotland has not declared war (yet) is that they spell whisky correctly. Me, I just am hoping for a sample bottle of $75, three-year-old scotch to come from the Liquor Fairy….

A while back, I had a moderately well-read post on a recent IP dustup about Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and the Dark ‘n Stormy (which can only legally be called thus if you use Gosling’s). Among the several others who also wrote on it was Jacob Grier, who plots to storm the Trademark Bastille with a yet to be invented, “Dark ‘n Sue Me“. I love Jacob, but I suspected he had his head lingering dangerously near the wrong parts of the anatomy on this one. While I usually do not shy away from a good Rule 4 dust-up, I did here because… well, Jacob and his crew sound much better educated on the subject than I do. And it is less than fun to get into a public debate with people who appear more educated than I.
Even when I am, of course, right.

Descending from the rarefied air of intellectual property rights to the Basement Bar, I bring you these things for the PeTA member who hungers for an old-school, drawing room-type mancave:
A company named Cardboard Safari has a whole raft of these things, up to and including a full sized, whole body rhino. (H/T: Streetlevel, via Asylum)

I was thinking about one of these for my Basement Bar a while back, when I was noticing a slight shrinkage in the waistbands of many of my trousers (a condition that has yet to abate). Behold the Stationary Bike Blender Kit!
But then I got one of these, and I decided to look elsewhere for exercise. Especially since I’d only use it enough during Tiki Month. (H/T: OhGizmo)

Speaking of Tiki Month, here’s my favortie item I did not get to: How to make your own, Tiki-style paper umbrellas! ( H/T: Camper)

The next item really ought to be it’s own post, but I’m sticking it here because, well, I’m on a roll and it has been in the queue for almost a year.
Understanding Cocktails pointed out that one of the exploding trends in 2008 was cocktails, so much so that Google’s Zeitgeist report for 2008 gave us a list of top ten drinks searched for as one of its featured lists.
I used Google Trends to check a few other search histories and found that our area of interest is as fresh and new in the public consciousness as we think. But I am dismayed to see that it is not growing as much as I’d like. I searched for Cocktail Bars, Mojito, Manhattan, and Martini. Only Mojito goes back before 2005 as even a blip on the radar. The others all appear out of the blue around 2005-2006, but don’t grow much from there. We cocktail bloggers are not doing our jobs, folks!

And last, what would a post like this be without a video? Here is the finest (IMHO) in the Cooking with Andy series from YouTube. Beware FoodBuzz types! This is the way a lot of people out there view food bloggers!


  1. brian12566

    4 December

    Thank you for that video. I loved the way he put out the toast fire.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Frederic

    4 December

    Better than the English “scotch”, I’d like to try the one out of India which is apparently rather good.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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