2009 Christmas Gift Ideas, Part II Disposable Flas...

2009 Christmas Gift Ideas, Part II Disposable Flask versus Indestrucatible Mug

My first Christmas Gift Ideas 2009 post was completely silly. As I go along with these posts, I’ll be moving from the ridiculous to the sublime with each successive post.
Sometimes I will take baby steps.
Today I have the battle between the flimsiest thing in my writing hopper, and undoubtedly the sturdiest. Both are silly, but both have real utility too. Both are drinking vessels. There the similarity, but not the fun, ends.
Let’s start with the Disposable Flask (via The World’s Best Ever).
These flasks are essentially mylar(?) plastic bags with a sturdy screwtop. They are available from in a set of four, or as pictured from Restoration Hardware (but I think RH is out of them online). The flasks hold 7.5 ounces and appear pretty space-efficient.
The possibilities for this product are both silly and serious. Restoration Hardware dubs it the “Sneak-It-In”, so you can see how they are looking at it. If you are afraid your flask may be confiscated at some point, it’s better to keep your secret hooch in a disposable throwaway, as opposed to a really nice, collectible with your personal ID on it. You could also use these to make up your own house-blend organic bag juices for your kids in their lunches or on trips.

The Pegu Blog does not recommend or condone the use of this product to break the law or otherwise deprive businesses and arenas from collecting their God-given due of $9.50 for a cup of warm beer!

I foresee giving these a shot in the traveling bar kit, where they would add much less weight, and be more secure than bottles of your various ingredients. And of course, with small modifications, they’d be right at home in Astro-Gaz’s kit….
For certain ingredient lists, you could even get two reasonable cocktails in one of these. Lay the flask on the ice pack which is keeping the potato salad from morphing into a bowl of death, and your picnic just got upgraded to Martini-ville.
These flasks even have a FaceBook page, where you can reads lots of other articles of varying degrees of maturity discussing uses for the product. Apparently, they are offered in large custom lots, so if you are a businessman, you could buy them in bulk with your own design.
(Update 1: I corresponded with Alex Kristoff, whose company Xela makes the flasks. You can get custom flasks in both large and small batches. Small runs can have a patch image printed over one of the standard designs for special events (heads up, liquor promoters!), while larger batches can be custom printed edge-to-edge, as I was speculating above.)
(Update 2: Thanks for the link, Jacob!)
Now we move on from disposable sneak bags to what is nothing less than a Tiki mug for NRA parties. Behold the Battle Mug!
Carved from a single 13 pound block of heavy-duty aluminum, the Battle Mug is one 24-ounce container of bad-assery. The body looks to have four M1913 rail interface system attachment points. This is the mounting point for the Army’s M4 carbine. This means you can attach several of the following items to your mug: M4 carry handle (shown but not included), scope, laser pointer, tactical light, night-vision scope (Beer-Goggles), and of course a bayonet. Adding the night-vision scope to the side, so you look through it while sipping your beer seems to me the right way to go in most circumstances. The Bayonet seems like gilding the lilly to me; if you hit a guy with one of these in a bar fight, even sans bayonet, he’s a goin’ down anyway….


  1. brian12566

    10 December

    That battle mug is awesome. Is that what you are getting me for Christmas Doug?

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  2. Doug

    10 December

    A photograph of a Battle Mug, with the word “Ditto” written on it….

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