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One of my very first aims in starting this blog was to chronicle where you could find information on Pegus around the web, and by linking to those sources, raise their Google profile, and thus the Pegu’s profile.
Of course, along the way I instead created this magnificent edifice of a website, which contains in its pages the definitive sum of all Pegu knowledge.

I bow to the Buddah nature of your soul,
oh illustrious one….

Better close your [snark] tag there, Guy. It’s dripping.
logo_wondrich_largeAnyway, in so doing, I have sadly neglected my original charge of late. I ran across a mention on Saveur’s website of an excellently written little piece from Esquire’s Cocktail Historian, David Wondrich. It tells the tale of the Pegu Club (the original, British one) whence sprang the greatest of all cocktails. Wondrich spins a good tale in a short space, so you should read it in its entirety, and when you are done, wander through the rest of Esquire’s drink database for a lot more wisdom in the same vein..


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