The Eighth Day of Christmas

[UPDATE: Welcome to those dispatched here by Smitty! The ladies got their piece of the action on the Ninth Day….]

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Eight Barmaids Serving,
Seven Blues a Blazing,
Six Glasses Gleaming,
Five… Golden… Rums!
Four Cocktail Books,
Three French 75s,
Two Jars of Olives,
And a Shaker Full of Martinis!

Hey Folks!
Un-Merry Christmas!
In important, Rule 5, barmaid-related news, check out this article from the EU and England. It chillingly illustrates (with cleavage) the truth of Jean-Francois Revel’s observation that “Fascism is forever descending on America, yet always landing on Europe.”


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