Drinking Games: Castle

This is intended to be the first in a new series of television series-based drinking games. This one is too perfect, we’ll see if any others end up working as well.

ABC’s Castle, starring Firefly’s Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, is among Maggi’s and my favorite shows. If you are not watching it, you owe it to civilization to start. Actual intelligent, well-written television on the big networks desperately needs to be rewarded. The alternative is more of this.
I won’t go into the nature of the show much here, except to set up the game. Castle is what we like to call, a writer’s show, for a whole host of reasons. It is a mystery series about a writer. It features some fairly educated plotting and dialog. Even when the lead character is being infantile (which is often) he does it in an educated manner. And most importantly, Castle and his cohorts are always having fun with language.
Here’s the game, with comments.
In keeping with Castle’s character, players will equip themselves with a good single-malt scotch and sipping glasses.

  • Whenever Castle makes a grammar related quip, take one sip.
  • Whenever another character uses incorrect grammar, all players who notice it will lay a finger along their nose. Those who miss it must take a sip. (The bad grammar on the show is a little too obvious and too pervasive for a show written by good-natured Grammar Nazis. It has to be an inside joke.)
  • Whenever Castle starts talking about “The Story”, take one sip.
  • Whenever Castle gets people caught up in a story he’s telling, take a sip. You’ll probably hear dramatic or creepy music.
  • Take two, if anyone actually believes him. You’ll definitely hear dramatic or creepy music.
  • Every time Castle makes a pun, take a sip. Use it to drown out the groans.
  • Whenever someone employs a form of the word “irony”, finish your drink.
  • If Castle says that they used it correctly, refill and drink that too.

All of that group are language and grammar related. Here’s a supplemental list for some other drink-worthy Castle tropes you can add for a full Castle drinking game experience:

  • Whenever Becket complains of Castle’s immaturity, take one sip.
  • Whenever Ryan and Esposito start putting one over on Castle, take a sip.
  • Whenever Castle is happy that someone has been brutally murdered, take a sip. If he claps his hands, take two.
  • Each time Beckett uses sex to torment Castle, finish your drink.

In case you haven’t seen Castle yet, here’s a taste.

My last attempt at a drinking game would likely have left you passed out until about now. If that’s the case, and you are just now sobering up… may I suggest a drink?

UPDATE: Here is a whole Castle Drinking Game thread on a Castle fan site.
Most are good fan touches, but either don’t fit with my game’s theme, or just don’t work for a drinking game in general. But some are gold.
CastleTV.net language-related drinking game contributions:

  • Every time Castle turns something innocent into innuendo, take one sip.
  • Whenever you see Castle actually working on a book, take one sip.
  • Whenever Martha is drinking, join her.

Other CastleTV.net gold:

  • If Castle says, Bam said the lady, take one sip.
  • If Alexis gives parental advice to Castle, take one sip. If Castle actually give parental advice to his daughter, take three.


  1. brian12566

    27 January

    Oh great another show set in the world of my job. Funny, I have been a cop for over 10 years and have never ever ever seen an author shadow an NYPD detective. Ever. An author might do a “ride along” with a detective, but that is open to anyone anytime and would be mandatory the author wear a vest. How come they never call for backup on these shows? How come all complainants speak English? Why are complainants always willing to cooperate? How come labwork comes back within hours? Why do all the detectives always talk down to the cops? I wish the writer’s knew that becoming a detective in the NYPD is a lateral move. Detectives will not speak to uniform guys like that. If they did, they would find their locker upside in the shower.
    Ok, I am done ranting. Thank you for your time 🙂
    Any drinking games affiliated with a show NOT about cops?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Doug

    27 January

    Don’t forget jurors who won’t vote guilty anymore unless Marg Helgenberger in a low-cut blouse testifies that she was able to peel a latent high-resolution reflection of the defendant off the hotel room mirror six hours after the crime with a gas chromatograph….

    Sadly, realism is not rampant in shows about cops. Or shows about lawyers, doctors, housewives, or residents of Queens for that matter. Speaking from the writer’s side of the spectrum, the rest of Castle’s life is about as realistic as his relationship with the police.

    All that said, if you’ve got a suggestion for a show to give the treatment to, let me have it. I thought of House or The Mentalist, but those games are simply, “Every time House or Jane do something that would give dickheads a bad name, but you still don’t hate them, take a sip.”

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  3. brian12566

    27 January

    I know it is a TV show, and not a documentry. But, the writers can inject a little realism into it…who knows might make it more interesting. Have the victim not speak a word of English, than after waiting for an hour to find a Mandorin speaking Officer on duty to translate, drama ensues while trying to find the perp with an hour head start. Good times.

    Some shows to give the treatment to? Hmm..how about Top Gear on BBC America?

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  4. Ben

    16 August

    By the time the episode is over your going to be half in the bag. Make sure you are going to play this drinking game at home. Looks like a good time going to have to play this game.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  5. Drinking Games

    23 October

    Brilliant article thanks! I will deffo be trying out this game soon! 🙂

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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