Rule 2 Work: Who Else Has Their Tiki On

Rule 2 Work: Who Else Has Their Tiki On

Whilst Tiki Month is on, I’m going to take opportunity to give Rule 2 a workout. This little series of posts will give a heads up on who else out there in the blogosphere (besides real Tikibloggers) who is getting the Tiki on during February. So if you are a cocktail blogger, or food blogger—heck, if you are a knit blogger, cat blogger, or political blogger….

How about if I’m a conspiracy blogger?


No link for you.
Just a punch in the face.

Thanks Buzz. Where was I?
Oh yeah. If you get your Tiki on sometime this month, even just for a single post, shoot me an email (at doug -at- cocktailcapers -dot- com) and I’ll include you in the festivities!
My first “Rule 2 Work” feature is from Chez Grub, a brand new blog which is just getting up and running, and I think deserves some blog love and some traffic. (Hint, that means I want you to be sure to follow the link) Grub features what he calls Paradise in a Glass, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club cocktail. It is a well-written post, and anyone who makes their own falernum has a future blogging about food or drinks.
And anyone who partners with this good a photographer has a leg up, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Stolen from Chez Grub. High-res version and other shots to be seen there.

Don’t forget to give him a visit, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled drums and flickering volcano light.


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