Rule 2 Work: Janice Gets Her (Unspecified) Tiki On

Rule 2 Work: Janice Gets Her (Unspecified) Tiki On

More Rule 2 linkage during this Tiki Month! Janice, over at Real Food Made Easy, offers up this tasty-looking Tiki concoction, the Cupid’s Day Off:

Click over to her place for the recipe.
And yes, I’m aware she doesn’t call this a Tiki drink. In fact, it is supposedly a Valentine’s Day cocktail. I can’t help it if she doesn’t realize she’s creating a Tiki drink.
It uses crushed ice.
It uses not one, but two exotic syrups.
One of the syrups is from Trader Tiki.
The garnish consists of various exotic plant life.
Cue the Don Tiki….


  1. Janice

    17 February

    Thanks Doug! lovin’ the tiki all month. Blended rum drinks for Feb infinitely more fun than hearts or dead presidents!

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  2. Doug

    22 February

    Thanks Janice.
    Just a reminder to males out there, for future reference: Blended rum drinks are NOT to be considered a SUBSTITUTE for hearts in February….

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