Tiki Timeout: Presidential Drinking Habits

Tiki Timeout: Presidential Drinking Habits

Just a quick hit post on a non-Tiki subject: Presidential drinkers.
My thoughts were triggered by a very entertaining post at a website called 11 Points (Because top 10 Lists Are For Cowards), entitled 11 Drunkest Presidents in History. Incidentally, the post also illustrates the perils of locking yourself into a format, since only about nine of the presidents really work for the idea. But those nine are pretty awesome.
You need to read the article yourself, of course, but I’ll highlight two to whet your appetite.
James Buchanan (15th President of the United States) — He would get angry when the White House would only be stocked with small bottles of champagne. Every Sunday he’d go to a distillery to pick up a 10 GALLON jug of whiskey.
How much better was the world of the 19th Century? This much better: The President could not get the White House to stock the booze he wanted, so he would go on weekly liquor runs himself! Buchanan may have been a lethally bad President, but you can’t claim he spent his presidency in a coddled bubble!
William Howard Taft (27th President of the United States) — He wasn’t that huge of a drinker himself but he was definitely the frat guy in the 5XL Hawaiian shirt making sure all of his buddies were getting drunk. He was the Bluto of presidents.
This guy was (in all seriousness) brilliant. He may have been a one-term President but he managed to spend his retirement as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so how’s that for a resumé? I can imagine few better ways to make sure you get your way in any endeavor than making sure that everyone you work with is more tanked than you. Diabolical.
And speaking of Hawaiian shirts (I guess I’m not going to use the full Tiki timeout), let me add some information of my own to the Presidential history discussion. One of the pieces of information I left out of my Aloha Shirt post was that Harry Truman (33) was an actual leader in the Hawaiian shirt revolution, in office and afterward. Dunno about Harry’s drinking habits, but he had a kicking collection of Tiki wear (Check out this slow-loading gallery of Truman’s shirts from the National Part Service. I want the last two.)


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