Tiki Timeout: Open That Bottle Night

Tiki Timeout: Open That Bottle Night

I know this is a cocktail blog, and I know this month in particular is Tiki Month round these parts, but I’m calling a Tiki-Timeout for a public service announcement.
Next Saturday, February 27th, is Open That Bottle Night. For all the cocktail stuff I do, I still drink a lot of wine, and I’m betting most of you do too. And I’m betting that most of you, like me, often find yourself in possession of that special bottle of wine, an expensive one that you splurged on to put away for a special occasion… an occasion that never seems to come. This means that this expensive consumable sits around, gathering dust, and not being enjoyed.
Open That Bottle Night is an annual event to put an end to this sad state of affairs. You need a special occasion to make opening that bottle worthwhile, and Bob’s Your Uncle, this is it. Make a nice dinner, invite over some friends (or don’t, it’s only one bottle), and open that bottle!


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