Wobbling Through the Grog Log

I recently reviewed Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log for Tiki Month. I thought I’d do a little Rule 2 work and point you to a much more comprehensive homage to the Log. Pegu Blog Board of Tiki Idols member Tiare has undertaken a Bloggessy she entitles Mixing Through Grog Log. This is a bit of Rule 2 on Tiare’s part as well, as she is riffing on Erik Ellestad’s mammoth jeremiad, Stomping Through the Savoy, over at Underhill Lounge. Erik is attempting to survive making every cocktail in The Savoy Cocktail Book, in order. (Itself a riff on similar to Julie Powell’s Julie/Julia Project of movie fame).
Tiare is making a run at the much more human task of running through the Grog Log. Not only is the Log shorter, but it is a Best Of compilation. Also, Tiare has made the decision to do an original variant on each of the Bum’s entries, and you can get a nice insight into the mind of a Tiki expert on crafting drinks. Plus, it gives her a chance to post a second, gorgeous picture….
The great thing about that is it gives me an excuse to steal a couple of her pictures to illustrate! Here are the pictures from Mixing Through Grog Log 5. On the left is Beachcomber’s Punch, on the right is Tiare’s variant, Tiki Queen Punch.


  1. Reese

    22 February

    Tiare’s pictures are incredible. Always inspire me to greater things with my pictures and my garnishes!


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  2. Tiare

    22 February

    Hm..i think my pictures looks better on your blog than mine..

    I really think i should think more about what you call Rule 2 work..its so easily forgotten in the speed of life and blogging.


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  3. erik_flannestad

    23 February

    Hm, well, I can’t say that I think I was riffing on the Julie and Julia project, as I havent’t read the blog or book. I honestly don’t remember if I was aware of it when I started the Savoy Project on eGullet, and certainly did not even think of starting a blog about it for year or two after that.

    Chuck Taggart, Paul Clarke, David Wondrich, and Ted Haigh were far more direct influences.

    A friend of mine had decided he would try to cook his way through the Joy of Cooking and blog sporadically about it, which provided some inspiration. Though I have been far more fastidious about the Stomp Through the Savoy than he ever was.

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  4. Doug

    23 February


    Corrected above. And I was aware of the eGullet stuff, but edited it out for brevity! Do you have a good link to the original eGullet adventures?

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  5. erik_flannestad

    23 February

    The Savoy Stomp started as an eGullet topic in June of 2006:


    I did eventually port most of my drink posts to the blog (NIGHTMARE!!)

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