Rule 2 Work: Flying Blue Dragon

Rule 2 Work: Flying Blue Dragon

This is probably the last Rule 2 Work of Tiki Month. Since I had done nothing this month with a funky Tiki ingredient like Blue Curacao, I thought I’d point you to a pretty interesting looking concoction offered by CHOW, The Flying Blue Dragon. CHOW doesn’t name this a Tiki drink, or whether it is an original or pre-existing concoction, but with the blue curacao, rum, and falernum, I call it Tiki.
I’d wait for the summer, and make it even more Tiki by taking a cue from the photo and add reminiscence of the dragons with a blue Aquilegia as additional garnish.
The dragons are of course from Avatar, and the drink is offered in an article with offers a different cocktail to match with each of the Academy Award Best Picture nominees.


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